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Al-Rahma Awqaf

We are excited to announce a unique partnership between Waqfinity, a Mercy Mission UK project, and Al-Rahma Mosque, led by the Liverpool Muslim Society. This collaboration is the foundation of our groundbreaking long term sustainability project.

Our Waqf Portfolio

Discover and support our Waqf projects. Each contribution to these projects is an enduring act of charity, continuously adding to your balance of good deeds for the hereafter.

Wadu Waqf

Earn the Ajr of establishing a Waqf dedicated to perpetually funding our mosque's water bills. With each drop of water used by every worshipper during every Salah and act of Ibadah, accrue ongoing blessings and good deeds.






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Unlimited Supports

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Waqfinity is a collaborative project that pools community donations, invests them in ethical, income-generating ventures, and uses the returns to support mosque operations and community initiatives. It operates through a Sharia-compliant and transparent model, overseen by a board of financial experts. Read more...

Yes, contributions are open to all. The funds are invested in Sharia-compliant projects, with the generated income used to finance various needs of the mosque, such as maintenance, community projects, and educational programs.

Investments are managed by an executive committee of seasoned financial professionals, including former bank founders, investors, asset managers and financial modelers, ensuring prudent and effective asset management aligned with Islamic financial principles.

Waqfinity adheres to strict Sharia compliance, overseen by a dedicated Sharia Board. This board ensures that all investments and activities align with Islamic ethical standards, providing assurance to our contributors and stakeholders.