Mosque Ramadan Activities in a Lockdown – A Unique Ramadan

The month started with many people feeling down that the mosques are closed. Soon after that, we all realised that this pandemic has so many benefits. With hardship comes a lot of ease. From the midst of this corona, the Liverpool Ramadan Program was born. Owned by the youth and for people from different ages. With daily programs; from lectures to online Quran circles to Kahoot quizzes and Quran competition. Presenters were from different professional and cultural backgrounds. The host team (mostly aged 16-20) excelled and grew in confidence; they gained so many skills in ONE month. Ramadan has been a training course for our young generation. Special guests were generous in contributing to this program with special thanks to Anas Altikriti and Omer El-Hamdoon. Local doctors and professors also shared their expertise.

Sisters were present with the women lectures and reminders.

Alhamdulilah, this program has been a true success story, a proof that with unity, great things happen. The program has brought the Ramadan and mosque vibes into every single home, all through zoom and youtube.

This was completed with an e-party! Yes a party through zoom (watch the youtube below). Enjoy the clips 🙂