SAT Intervention Unit (Course)

This program intends to enhance the skills of grades ( 5 &  6 ) who are heading to high schools. It focuses on the skills needed for better acceptance in highly desired  schools.

Enrolment Process

Entry requirements

The course is limited to 10 students’ enrolment .For such highly selective course, a placement test will be given to every candidate followed by an interview . Upon passing, the student will be offer a place and he / she will be subject to a formal setting  and enrolment policies.

Polices of Enrolment

Assigned tasks

The students will be assigned tasks to do during the course and missing 3 tasks given will cause the student to lose his / her seat in the course.

Students’ commitment

The students commitment to the course is essential and missing three classes will cause the student to lose his / her seat

Educational setting

Disturbing the educational setting of the course in two occasions will immediately cause the student to lose his or her seat.

Students’ Portfolio

Each student has an academic portfolio that measures the levels of improvement and the given materials. It is the record that reflects the development of the students during the course.

Student Benefits

The course as it meets the benchmark requirements of SAT 2 stage will focus on :

English :

  1. Vocabulary ( checking words’ understanding and spelling ) 
  2. Grammar and sentence structure. 
  3. Punctuation 
  4. Reading/paraphrasing and retelling / answering questions 
  5.  Writing ( Paragraphs structure and genres of writing )

Math : 

  1. Arithmetic 
  2. Reasoning 
  3. Practicing SAT 2 Math tests 

* Science: provided for high achievers following the first moth assessment.

Course Fees


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