Etiquette for visiting the Al Rahma Mosque

Modesty, cleanliness and purity are the basic tenets on which one’s appearance are based for presenting oneself before Allah. Based on these the following aspects need to be kept in mind while visiting the Al Rahma Mosque, be it for prayer or for simple observation or for lessons.

  1. All parts of the arms and legs should be modestly covered.
  2. It is not permissible to wear only singlets, vests or shorts when visiting the Mosque.
  3. Women and girls should wear modest length skirts or trousers.
  4. When entering the mosque chambers or halls, women should cover their hair and head with a scarf.
  5. All would need to take their shoes off when entering the prayer halls or
  6. Please speak softly whilst inside the mosque chambers or prayer halls.
  7. When seated or standing within the mosque chambers or prayer halls, please maintain a deferential posture.
  8. At any time you should not have on your possession any alcoholic beverage or food containing pork or pork-related substance.
  9. Dogs are strictly not allowed within the precincts of the mosque.
  10. Definitely switch off your mobile phones, beepers, pagers or any other such device which would cause distraction.

Remember that at all times, while one is in the presence of Allah in the mosque, one should behave respectfully.

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