Mosque Visit Booking

Al-Rahma Mosque is open throughout the week for worshippers to visit and perform ‎their prayers. However, we regularly receive many requests for group visits from ‎schools and different organizations. Liverpool Muslim Society welcomes anyone who ‎wishes to come to visit our Mosque, either for educational or religious purposes. To ‎help us prepare for your visit and to ensure one of our Imams are available to take ‎you on a tour around the Mosque, please complete the on-line form below, to notify ‎us. You will receive a confirmation letter, to inform you that your visit has been ‎officially booked.‎

Please note that although we do not charge for visits, a donation, in the form of ‎a cheque, made payable to ‘Liverpool Muslim Society’ would be greatly ‎appreciated, to help with the maintenance fees of the Mosque.‎

What can I expect when I visit my local mosque?

You will be welcomed by volunteers / Imam at main entrance and directed to the ‎main hall. The Imam will deliver a talk and take you on a guided tour of the building.‎

Do Mosques have a dress code?

There is no dress code as such, but like many places of worship, LMS kindly asks ‎guests to respect the sacredness of the Mosque, by dressing modestly. Men and ‎women should both dress modestly, in loose-fitting clothing which covers both the ‎arms and legs—no shorts or sleeveless shirts for either gender. An optional scarf will ‎be available for women, when entering the men’s prayer area, during prayer times. Click here to learn more about Muslims etiquette for visiting Mosques.

Booking Form

Please fill the form below to schedule your request to visit Al-Rahama Mosque. Select one ‎of the available days (highlighted in green) from the calendar, then complete the form and ‎‎“Submit”. You will be notified of confirmation, via email‎. Please note that the visits are from Monday to Thursday between 10 am to 2.30 pm. All visits are for 1 hour.

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