Marriage / Nikah Appointment

Al Rahma Masjid conducts Nikkah services for the Muslim Community.

If you reside outside the Liverpool area please contact your local Masjid to arrange Nikkah. Al Rahma Masjid primarily provides Nikkah services for the local Muslim community within Liverpool.

Important Points
  • The Nikkah Organisers reserve the right to refuse Nikkah without reason on behalf of Al Rahma Masjid. This is unlikely to occur if you follow the correct procedures for completing the application form accurately and providing any further information as and when requested.
  • The Nikkah ceremony is a very important step in one’s life and as such the Masjid places a great deal of importance on ensuring that this pious act is with the approval of parents and/or next of kin.
  •  We recommend that Nikkah is booked at least 2 to 3 weeks prior to the planned date.
  • Learn how Nikah is performed?
Nikah Requirement

We need the following information before Nikkah can be conducted together with a fully completed nikkah application form:

  • 1. Civil Marriage Certificate – Al Rahma Masjid will not issue a Nikkah Certificate unless the original Civil Marriage Certificate is produced to the person in charge
  • 2. Date of Nikah
  • 3. Preferred Time – Al Rahma Masjid will do their utmost to meet preferred times, however, there will be occasions when this may not be possible
  • 4. ID – For the Bride and Bridegroom. If names have changed the Original copy of the Deed Poll
  • 5. Divorcees – Decree Absolute & Talak Documents in accordance with Islamic Sharia
  • 6. Widow/Widower – Former spouses death certificate
BOOK NIKAH Appointment
  1. STEP ONE: Print the Nikkah/Marriage booking form, and fill it before meeting the Shaykh, can be downloaded here.
  2. STEP TWO: Fill the appointment Request Form Below (make sure you upload the required documents).