Madrassah Management Masterclass

In partnership with Liverpool City Council, LMS hosted a one-day Masterclass on ‎Madrassah Management. This excellent masterclass was delivered by Faith ‎Associates and focused on key areas such as: Safeguarding, Governance, ‎Leadership, Management and how to ensure Compliance with Standards. It ‎highlighted the current issues within ‘Out of School Settings’ and how to make ‎significant improvements. Attendees included local leaders from Abdullah Quilliam ‎Mosque, Liverpool Arabic Centre, Penny Lane Mosque and others.‎

Islamic Leadership Course

Last December, LMS had the pleasure of hosting a full-day course on Islamic ‎Leadership for the youth In Liverpool. The course focused on discovering the perfect ‎leadership styles and skills of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and how it can be ‎applied in today’s world. The training was delivered by Kaushar Tai, a Management ‎and Training Consultant and the Director of Aksa Ltd. The course covered topics on ‎how to turn negatives into positives, and on emotional intelligence. Attendees from ‎both genders participated in this and throroughly enjoyed the training.‎