Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 11

LMS’s Support to the Vulnerable during Lockdown – A Summary

LMS has been at the forefront supporting the community during this unprecedented difficult time right from the beginning. This update provides a brief summary and an insight into the activities carried out by LMS to support the community.

The Initiative

In March 2020, following the announcement of the lock-down, a dedicated team of LMS volunteers compiled a list of the community member’s contact details, especially the Mosque’s regular elders, and carried out mass phone calls to reassure the members that even though the Mosque is shut, it is still within reach. The calls were well received and highly appreciated at this time of uncertainty and communication breakdown due to the lock down. This exercise enabled the team to assess the needs of the community especially the elders and the disadvantaged. Thus, LMS was able to provide emotional support, secure medications, provide hot meals and food parcels. The Initiative which started with check-up phone calls, quickly grew to a large-scale community-wide support. Funds were secured, and LMS was able to join forces with other local organisations in supporting the wider community.


To date LMS has helped to ease the hardship of 330 people (200 adults and 134 children). In partnership with the Merseyside Somali Community and Association, the project has facilitated the delivery of about 400 hot meals to people unable to prepare their own meals due to either physical or mental issues. Up to 310 of dry and fresh food parcels of varying sizes were delivered to; elders, families, single mothers, asylum seekers, house-bound high-risk individuals, laid-off due to Covid-19 individuals and the homeless. In this period, LMS helping hands has extended as far as Knowsley, the Wirral and North Wales.




The project has been a massive success and was warmly welcomed by everyone in the community. It has touched the hearts of many members of the community at different levels during this darkest time.

LMS received referrals from organisations such as; Refugee Women Connect, Councillors, local GP Consortium, Wirral Change, Community members, Al Ghazali Centre, the Arabic Centre, TAC and Liverpool Muslim Outreach Society.

This project is funded by LMS’s Zakat fund, generous grants from Steve Morgan Foundation, Community Foundation for Merseyside, P.H Holt and Tesco Bags of Help. The project is also supported by local businesses such as SPENDWELL, KO and MAMOS and charity organisations such as Merseyside Somali Community and Association and Wirral Dean Centre. The Wirral Dean Centre’s collaboration in supporting the families across the water is highly appreciated.

Without the financial support, referrals cooperation, collaboration and dedication, this would never have happened, Therefore, LMS would like to take this opportunity to thank all the organisations and individuals involved in the project and the dedicated volunteers for their continued support.

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